Brief page 1JAFSCD Food Systems Research, Policy, and Practice Briefs summarize particularly practical JAFSCD papers into 2-page briefs that encapsulate their critical points for quick reference. Papers chosen to be summarized into Food Systems Briefs are ones that practitioners can benefit from on the local or regional level. They are FREE to download and share!

Interested in volunteering to write a JAFSCD Food Systems Brief? It's a great way for students to earn a byline while increasing a paper's exposure to people who will find it valuable to their work.

JAFSCD Food Systems Briefs:

Bullet 01Measuring the Current Consumption of Locally Grown Foods (brief by Tracy Lerman; original paper by David Conner, Florence Becot, Doug Hoffer, Ellen Kahler, Scott Sawyer, and Linda Berlin)

Bullet 02Designing State or Local Laws for Purchasing Locally Grown Food: Suggestions for Policymakers and Advocates (brief by Sonia Banegas; original paper by Brannon P. Denning, Samantha Graff, and Heather Wooten)

Bullet 03 Re-crafting Food Safety Regulations for Farm Direct Marketed Foods (brief by Tracy Lerman; original paper by Christy Anderson Brekken)

Bullet 04The Economic and Production Potential of Metro Farmland: Lessons from Surrey, British Columbia (brief by Tracy Lerman; original paper by Kent Mullinix, Caitlin Dorward, Marc Shutzbank, Parthiphan Krishnan, Karen Ageson, and Arthur Fallick)

Bullet 05Fostering Partnerships in Supplying Large School Districts (brief by Amy Rosenthal; original paper by David S. Conner, Andrew Nowak, JoAnne Berkenkamp, Gail W. Feenstra, Julia Van Soelen Kim, Toni Liquori, and Michael W. Hamm)

Bullet 06Dissolved: Lessons from a Failed Food Policy Council (brief by Michelle Shin; original paper by Amy K. Coplen and Monica Cuneo)

Bullet 07Using Health Insurance Rebates to Make CSA Membership More Affordable (brief by Jack Hilchey; original paper by Greg Jackson, Amanda Raster, and Will Shattuck)

Bullet 08Case Study of a Hybrid Values-based Supply Chain: The Farm Fresh Healthcare Project (brief by Shreya Mathur; original paper by Kendra Klein and Ariane Michas)

Bullet 09After the Incubator: Land Access for Farmworkers on the Path to Proprietor (brief by Francesca Boulton; original paper by Adam Calo and Kathryn Teigen De Master)

Choosing and Siting Food Access Interventions: Food Mirages and Produce Stands in Portland, Oregon (brief by Michelle Shin; original paper by Love Jonson)

 Assessing the Economic Viability of Food Hubs (brief by Michelle Shin; original paper by Olya Rysin and Rebecca Dunning)

Bringing Fresh Produce to Corner Stores (brief by Michelle Shin; original paper by Kameshwari Pothukuchi)

Connecting with a Regional Supermarket Supply Chain (brief by Emma Brinkmeyer; original paper by Rebecca Dunning)

Looking at Potential Impacts of Food Policy Councils (brief by Kai Thomas and Larissa Calancie; original paper by Larissa Calancie, Kristen Cooksey-Stowers, Anne Palmer, Natasha Frost, J.D., Holly Calhoun, Abbey Piner, and Karen Webb)

Developing a Price Comparison Study between Farmers Markets and Other Retailers (brief by Ryan Stasolla; original paper by Joshua Long, M. Anwar Sounny-Slitine, Katherine Castles, Jillian Curran, Harrison Glaser, Ellen Hoyer, Whitney Moore, Lisa Morse, Molly O'Hara, and Ben Parafin)

Also see a third-party brief based on a JAFSCD paper: the Translating Research for Policy brief from Growing Food Connections, How Food Policy Emerges. It's based on the JAFSCD paper "Rustbelt Radicalism: A Decade of Food Systems Planning Practice in Buffalo, New York (USA)," by Samina Raja, Diane Picard, Solhyon Baek, and Cristina Delgado.