Tribute: Evan Weissman


  • Tod D. Rutherford Syracuse University



Tribute, Food Systems


First paragraph:

It is very difficult for me to write this tribute to Evan. It is easy to find wonderful things to say about his life and work, but it still does not seem possible or right that someone as young, vital, and excep­tional should no longer be with us. I will say that I had the great fortune to know Evan, serving as his Ph.D. supervisor in the Department of Geography and the Environment at Syracuse University from August 2006 until his successful defense of his dissertation “Cultivating the City: Urban Agriculture and the Agrarian Question in Brooklyn, New York” in January 2012. He entered our program having recently completed his MA in sociology at the University of Tennessee, and it was clear early on to me that he was a gifted, dedicated student. However, what really stood out for me was not just Evan’s self-evident intellectual and scholarly abilities, but his dedication to community activism, combined with his genuine enthusiasm, generosity, and good-naturedness. . . .


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Tod D. Rutherford, Syracuse University

Department of Geography and the Environment, The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

Food as a Tool for Social Change, sponsored by Falk College, Syracuse University



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