Regulatory and Other Barriers to Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture: A Case Study of Urban Planners and Urban Farmers from the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area

Sheila R. Castillo, Curtis R. Winkle, Stephen Krauss, Amalia Turkewitz, Cristina Silva, Edie S. Heinemann


Seven perceived barriers to urban and peri-urban agriculture in the greater Chicago metropolitan area are identified through interviews with urban planners and farmers. All seven perceived barriers involve unclear or agriculture-unfriendly regulations governing urban and peri-urban agriculture. Results suggest that urban and peri-urban farmers commonly are being forced to operate within a legal limbo or petition for exceptions to a variety of current regulations. The study documents the need for clear and agriculture-inclusive local ordinances and provides direction for local efforts to create them.


Chicago; Comprehensive Plan; Food Planning; Local Food Production; Urban Agriculture; Urban Planning

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