Beliefs, Attitudes, and Propensity To Buy Locally Produced Food

  • Steven Dukeshire Nova Scotia Agricultural College
  • Renée Garbes Nova Scotia Agricultural College
  • Chloe Kennedy Nova Scotia Agricultural College
  • Ainslie Boudreau Nova Scotia Agricultural College
  • Theresa Osborne Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia
Keywords: Agricultural Fairs, Buy Local, Consumer Attitudes, Farmers' Markets, Local Food, Nova Scotia, Survey


In this study, conducted in Nova Scotia, Canada, we surveyed people at farmers' markets, agricultural fairs, and other agricultural events to investigate the views of people who would likely be trying to incorporate local food into their everyday shopping habits. Survey respondents (N = 2,316) indicated strong positive beliefs, attitudes, and propensity toward buying local food. At the same time, however, they reported difficulty identifying whether food was local as well as a lack of opportunities to buy local food. The findings build upon the growing body of research surrounding the "buy local" movement in North America by providing insight into why people want to buy local and potential barriers that prevent stronger markets for local food products.


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Author Biographies

Steven Dukeshire, Nova Scotia Agricultural College
Steven Dukeshire, Rural Research Center, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Department of Business and Social Sciences, 56 Rock Garden Road, P.O. Box 550, Truro, Nova Scotia, B2N 6P6 Canada; +01-902-893-6593; fax +01-902-893-6230
Theresa Osborne, Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia
Executive secretary, Women’s Institutes of Nova Scotia.
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Dukeshire, S., Garbes, R., Kennedy, C., Boudreau, A., & Osborne, T. (2011). Beliefs, Attitudes, and Propensity To Buy Locally Produced Food. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 1(3), 19-29.