Strong Book on Building Community through Food


  • Amy Crone Maryland Farmers Market Association



Review, Food Insecurity, Community Partnerships


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Good Food, Strong Communities: Promoting Social Justice through Local and Regional Food Systems is a book borne out of the Community and Regional Food Systems (CRFS) project, which began in response to a United States Department of Agri­culture (USDA) request for proposals regarding food insecurity. Guided by Wisconsin-based aca­demic institutions, the CRFS has program partici­pants in seven cities (Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Boston; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Chicago; Detroit; and Los Angeles). While the book con­tains examples from all seven cities, it is primarily focused on efforts in the Midwest. I have partici­pated in a number of such regional efforts, includ­ing food policy councils, and have both responded to apnd reviewed USDA proposals focused on food insecurity. My focus is on the Mid-Atlantic region, but I have traveled across the country working on farmers market and food system efforts that are coupled with social justice. This book was of inter­est as I hoped to find inspiration for our work in Maryland and the region. . . .


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Amy Crone, Maryland Farmers Market Association

Executive Director

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Crone, A. (2019). Strong Book on Building Community through Food. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 8(4), 221–222.

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