The promise of sustainability for Iowa


  • Paul Lasley Iowa State University



Sustainability, Economic Development, Social Justice, Environmental Protection, Midwest History


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I was first attracted to graduate school in sociol­ogy in part to help me understand the nagging question of why some people work hard and yet remain poor. When extrapolated to the community level, I was puzzled by why some communities seem to grow and thrive and yet others decline and stagnate. I wish this book had been available during my graduate training. 

Two essential dimensions of community eco­nomic development are the natural resource base of the community and the qualities of the work­force, what is often referred to as the human capi­tal of local residents. Jeopardizing either the re­source base or failing to invest in people generally diminishes the opportunities for economic devel­opment. Likewise, spoil the environment and it becomes less attractive to live in and those who can migrate elsewhere. Failing to invest in educa­tion and skill training often results in a marginal­ized population that cannot fully engage in the growth and development of the community. . . .


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Paul Lasley, Iowa State University

Professor, Sociology

Cover of "Green, Fair, and Prosperous"



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Lasley, P. (2020). The promise of sustainability for Iowa. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 10(1), 285–287.