JAFSCD Anti-Oppression Policy Statement

JAFSCD Anti-Oppression Policy Statement, drafted December 18, 2020

JAFSCD stands for inclusion, justice, and healthier societies through critical scholarship. JAFSCD has a zero-tolerance policy for abuse or oppression of any kind within our organization. We consider sexual abuse, sexism, racism, systemic discrimination, and denial of racial injustice, to be forms of oppression. We seek the best available evidence to guide our work and to be reported in our publications. In this effort, we listen openly and support victims who come forward to illuminate any form of violence, abuse or alienation practiced in our white supremacy-influenced, male-dominated culture. We are mindful of fairness and due process, while we also recognize how frequently victims are further victimized in sharing their stories. We work to be a safe and sincere place for dialogue. We recognize privilege in society and acknowledge the potential of our own blind spots.  We invite partners and readers to hold us to account as we will hold to account those upholding the very culture we are trying to dismantle.