The EarthBox Project in Grayson County, Virginia


  • Kathy Cole Grayson LandCare, Inc.
  • Liza Dobson Virginia Tech



Container Gardens, Food Pantry, Practitioner Commentary, Voices from the Grassroots


First paragraph:

In 2014, Kathy was contacted by Michelle Stamper, coordinator of the local Feeding America mobile pantry program in western Grayson County, Virginia. This pantry serves clients one Monday evening a month at a local school. Feeding America Southwest Virginia sends a truckload of food from Abingdon, Virginia, and volunteers assemble food boxes that are then placed directly in clients’ vehicles. Michelle had considered why the food pantry was needed, when rural Grayson County has such a rich agricultural history. When she reached out to Kathy, she asked if the nonprofit Kathy leads, Grayson LandCare, could help her teach pantry clients how to grow some of their own food. She said that many of them grew up with gardening, perhaps at their grandparents’ home, but very few gardened cur­rently and some may not even have known how to grow vegetables on their own. . . .


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Kathy Cole, Grayson LandCare, Inc.


Liza Dobson, Virginia Tech

Graduate Student

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Cole, K., & Dobson, L. (2019). The EarthBox Project in Grayson County, Virginia. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 8(4), 25–27.



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