The Impact of Food Supply Chain Disruptions Amidst COVID-19 in Malaysia


  • Chiew Foan Chin University of Nottingham Malaysia



Food Supply Chain, COVID-19, Pandemic, Food Security, Malaysia


Over the last 10 years, the food supply has been secured in Malaysia through a combination of local food production and supply of imported food. The occurrence of COVID-19 has disrupted the food supply chain with the lockdown restriction known as the Movement Control Order (MCO) put in place to break the transmission mode of COVID-19. This article outlines the chronological events that took place in Malaysia after a COVID-19 outbreak due to a religious gathering. The impact of MCO on the food supply chain, particularly to urban residents, is also described, with recommended approaches to mitigate the situation.


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Author Biography

Chiew Foan Chin, University of Nottingham Malaysia

Associate Professor, Beacon of Excellence Future Food Malaysia, and School of Biosciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering

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Chin, C. (2020). The Impact of Food Supply Chain Disruptions Amidst COVID-19 in Malaysia. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 9(4), 161–163.



Commentary on COVID-19 and the Food System