Manifesto for a regionally oriented food industry




Supply Chain, Local Food Systems, Regional Food Systems, Corporate Food Systems, Multinational Corporations, Ecological Transition, Farm to Fork Strategy, European Union, Land Use, Specialization


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In the movie Snowpiercer, Oscar-winning Korean filmmaker Oscar Bong Joon-ho portrayed the future of food as a brown gelatine bar made of insect proteins (Ramos-Niaves, 2021). According to Jacques Attali (2019), unless the current system changes, within a few years the great majority of people will eat only standardized and processed food. No pleasure will be left to their palate. Only the rich will be able to afford healthy, diverse, and tasty food. . . .


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Marco Ginanneschi, Finanza Futura Srl

Ph.D.; CEO



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Ginanneschi, M. (2022). Manifesto for a regionally oriented food industry. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, 12(1), 13–17.